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  • Help for queries
  • Enter a word or words in the Query field
  • A query can be made for one word or several words relating to a term. Normally prepositions, conjunctions etc. are not written. For example, if you want to know how to say disk operating system in Basque, simply enter operating system, system disk or operating disk. It does not matter in which order the words are entered. The words may be written in upper or lower case, with or without accents.

  • Main wildcard characters for text search may be used: the asterisk ('*') or the percent sign ('%') to match one or more characters and the question mark ('?')) to match a single character. For example, if you search for economic*, económico, económica, económicos, económicas, economista, etc. will be matched.

  • If the query includes two or more words, the search is carried out using the logic operator AND between the words.
  • Once you have entered the query, click on bilatu or press Intro.
  • laguntza For more information, click on
  • You can use Subject(s) field to select the subjects.
  • A list of the terms retrieved from the Terminology Bank will be displayed.
  • If you want to open and see the Terminology Record of a term, click the term in the list. Double clicking the opened record, you'll close the record.
  • You can open several records at the same time.
  • Records are displayed in the following format:
  • Subject field of the record.
  • Main Basque entry. Acceptability rating, if available. Stamp of the Terminology Institution, if the term has been suggested by this institution.
  • Basque definition, if the entry is defined.
  • Basque synonyms, if available.
  • Notes, if available.
  • The corresponding terms in other languages available: Spanish, French, English and Latin. These equivalent terms include a link that enables you to reverse the record and view it with the selected term as the main entry on it. In this view, the user will have access to additional information of non-Basque terms.
  • Images, if available.
  • At the bottom of the record you will find some information regarding the dictionary the term belongs to and the year it was last modified.